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Pensacola Beach Petal Top Sew-Along Day 3


We are already at day 3! Today we are discussing sleeves and sleeve options!
We have three choices but lots of possibility. First we have the sleeveless option, it is simple, clean and easy to layer. The second option is a flutter sleeve. This has a lot of potential. It can also be layered easily, trim added etc. The third is cap sleeves which can also be hacked for a bit of fun.

There are a few simple hacks and styling suggestions for each option that I will list below. Each hack is assigned to a sleeve option by the following letters.   (F=Flutter, S=Sleeveless, C=Cap, A=All) You can also reference the photos above for ideas!

1)  Add piping. [A]

2) Layer over a long sleeve shirt. [F, S]

3) Add bias to the hem of your sleeve. [F, C]

3) Match the color of you sleeve to your bodice to keep it subtle. This is great if you are adding a lot of embellishment to the waist, sleeve hem and petal hem. [F, C]

4) Turn the direction of a striped print to the opposite direction to give some subtle definition to the sleeves. [F, C]

5) Select a darker accent color from the bodice for a pop of color. [F, C]

Once you have decided how you would like to sew up your sleeves, you are ready to sew up your bodice. Feel free to share pictures along the way so we can admire your creative work!

Added Tips:
Make sure you top stitch as directed. It helps to keep it in place when washing and adds a nice finish when complete.

Thread for top stitching: Try to match the main base color in your fabric so it blends. Major differences in color tends to really sew any sewing flaws even if they are only minor. If you have equal amounts of multiple colors its often best to go with the darker color but it really is just preference.

Tomorrow we will work on the petals and i will also throw in a couple button hacks so you might want to wait to add your buttons until tomorrow 🙂

Good luck and ask questions if you need help!


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