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Grass is Greener

When you sew a lot and post those creations on Facebook to share, you are proud and can’t wait to put it on your children or already have and just feel so excited you want to share it! How often do you hear from your friends, family, etc. I don’t know how you do it all, you are like Wonder Woman, You inspire me to be the kind of mom you are. As much as it is flattering it’s just not reality. I hear this often from people who know how much of a disaster I am from day to day, perhaps they just want to be sweet and I thank them for that! It’s a sweet compliment and means a lot but I hope they don’t truly believe that about me as its just not true and I hope I am not perceived as thinking I am better than anyone else as I know all to well I am not!  A friend of mine brought this quote to my attention and it has really brought reflection, which I love as it helps us grow. So I think it’s important to share in case you are A. one of those that feels the same way or B. one of those making the comments.

“I think to some extent, most of us live Facebook lives. That is, we put our best foot forward, share our finest moments, and skim over the rest. It’s not that we’re necessarily trying to look perfect so much as we’re simply sharing our favorite things about ourselves, our lives, and our families. The unintended consequence is that we all end up looking better than we really are because we only share the good stuff. ” – Jonathan Lewis (Homeschool Enrichment)

We all prioritize our lives differently. It is what makes us unique. Some of us sew, some of us read books, some of us paint, some write, some shop for their kids, some are into fashion, some are into crafts, some are all about their kids. Its okay! Each of us make the world go round. Some of us do something wonderfully and usually something else suffers because of it.

We live in a Pinterest world. Everyones expectations of a mom these days is a perfect house, crafty decor, delicious meals, perfectly braided and placed hair, etc. All of us aspire to be those things but we lack. I lack at fashion, I don’t like to shop for myself so my children are usually dressed exceptionally better than I am. My sink usually has a few dishes, my floor could be swept again and the clean clothes hiding in my room really really need to be folded and put away (actually I did that yesterday for a change but thats the norm!).  When you are looking from the outside you don’t see all those things! We all sacrifice something we would like to be good at to perfect something we are great at!

The grass may look greener on the other side of the street but if you cross over and look back you will see yours is really just as green! Instead of ogling your friends and their talents and wishing you had the same, reflect on yourself and recognize you have your OWN unique talents too!

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