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Can I sell items made with Seaside Notions patterns?

Yes! These patterns are made for personal use and small business production. It is NOT intended for mass production. If you are interested in mass production please contact me directly for more details.

Do you have a standard set of measurements?

Yes, I try to use the same standards with each pattern I create to allow consistency in the Seaside Notions patterns.  So one patterns size will match another if its produced by Seaside Notions.

Do you have sales?

I try to run bi annual full store sales but it doesn’t always happen. I prefer to run a sale with the launch of a new pattern but a store wide sale is rare.

Do you allow your patterns to be used for sew-a-longs hosted elsewhere?

Yes! If you are interested in a particular pattern for a sew-a-long please contact me and we can usually set up a discount code for your sew-a-long! Just let me know 🙂

Are you interested in writing a review about one of the Seaside Notions patterns?

We would love to hear from you. We work with bloggers often that wish to review our patterns. You can sign up to be a featured blog on Web Wednesday here:

Are you a blogger that would like to be featured?

We offer Web Wednesday. Every Wednesday we feature a blogger that either provides a tutorial for sewing or writes a review for a SN pattern. To sign up for Web Wednesday please go here:

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, you can register here.